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2024 and Beyond

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our focus for the future

We are celebrating over 50 years of providing arts and culture to the region of Northeast Michigan and Alpena as one of Michigan's oldest and continuous arts councils. 


Key to our mission and our future is providing free access to our events and making arts and cultural opportunities accessible to all people and walks of life unhindered, especially bridging generations in appreciation of all the arts in their diverse forms.


Thanks to everyone who attends our events and donates to the cause with generous financial support making our outreach possible.  

We continue with innovative programming, chief among our showcase is Shades of Fall, ICE Fest, Community Chorus, and TBA Gallery as well as Youth CORE initiatives in our local schools among some of the more traditional types of arts and cultural expressions such as concerts and promoting local artists in a variety of venues, etc.

Please help others experience the arts and consider becoming a Member and Patron of Thunder Bay Arts. 


A donation of $25 provides your household Membership in Thunder Bay Arts Council, Inc. and indicates your support for our mission and the annual season of our programming. 


Any contribution above $25 is considered a Patron Donation and designates your household as a Member Patron, going above and beyond.





It's all about giving what works for you in helping the cause.  Any amount helps bolster our efforts, especially seeking grant opportunities to help make up the difference for funding our programs free of charge to the public throughout the region! 

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