May & June 

Autumn Bildson 




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Beauty is subjective. There is beauty in the old, is it also found in the ugly?


In reality, there is cruelty and ugliness in our world.  I listen to the news and fret over the terrible atrocities that happen every day. I must keep my vision focused and look past the imperfect and strive to create beauty through my art.


Like a graceful dance or a song performed perfect with passion, I strive to make visual harmony. It seems futile at times, but I have a vision of this world to be beautiful. This dream keeps me moving on, keeps me creating art which for me is inspired from the beauty in nature.


Art is my life. I have been thrilling clients by designing and creating hundreds of pieces of art for over twenty years. I also enjoy creating my own work and expressing myself. I am an artist that can help you with your vision in most mediums; whether it is limestone for fireplaces, marble and bronze for sculptures, paintings and mixed media pieces.


I am grateful to give back to the community and look forward to teaching children’s art camp in the summer at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. Seasonally I enjoy working with other artists at the Parade Company creating fun characters for the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit.   Most sculptural mediums from stone to Styrofoam keep me busy generating all types of visual art.